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Hello and welcome to the CafeGrabber website.

If you are a CafePress ShopKeeper, you probably already know that entering your products to Froogle / Google Base will generate massive traffic to your website and lots of sales.

But there's a problem. Your store contains so many products and each product details need to be added to the feed.

Here is where CafeGrabber comes to help: you will be able to generate your Froogle / Google Base feed AUTOMATICALLY. CafeGrabber will do all the work for you. You will not need to learn all the technical details of Google Base in order to create a valid feed.

!NEWS! CafeGrabber 2.0 launched! Now 100 times faster than the previous version. I'm not kidding. It's LITERALLY 100 times faster than version 1.0. And previous customers got it for free.

Click HERE to download a free trial of CafeGrabber. or here to purchase

Simply run CafeGrabber for your store and upload the generated file to Google Base / Froogle. It's as simple as it can possibly get.

Click here to see how version 1 worked, or here to see how the current version works.

   Here are some screenshots below:

Step 1: Start CafeGrabber.

Step 2: Enter your store URL & API Key. [Screenshot]

Step 3: Watch how your Froogle feed is being generated. [Screenshot]

Thought there's more to this ? Nope. 3 easy steps and you will have your feed generated.

Click here to download a FREE trial version, to see CafeGrabber in action for your own store.

Unlike other services, you don't need to pay each time you need to generate a feed. There is only a one-time payment and you will be able to generate your feed anytime you like.

Click Here to purchase CafeGrabber now, for only $44.



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